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custom hand shaped surfboards jacksinville florida
Jacksonville florida Custom Surfboards
Jacksonville florida Custom Surfboards
Jacksonville florida Custom Surfboards
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Surfers Testimonials

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"Picked up my first Whisnant off the rack in Aqua East in 1993 and haven't stopped riding them since..(well besides the time a certain airline broke my boards on the way to California last year) I am proud to be part of the family and the surfer/shaper relationship is second to none. Mike takes pride in every board he shapes and doesn't even fuss about the crazy artwork i send him. Keep up the killer shapes Mike and thanks for being a good friend also."

- Dustin Nichols

"I've been ordering Whisnant Surfboards for as long as I can remember. He is the best shaper in Jacksonville and work and craftsmanship that goes into each board is unprecedented. Every board I've ordered has worked exactly as it was intended; couldn't be happier with the results. Why buy a generic board designed after some pro when you can have a custom board designed to work specifically for you. Support your local shaper and support your local community. Thanks for all the great boards Mike!"

-Tom Starus

"Mike Whisnant has been shaping custom boards for me since 1993. There is no one better in North Florida to help you dial in the best board to improve your surfing. "

- Jeff Bowman CEO, 245 Product Development Group

"Every time I deal with Whiz, I feel like he is more excited about making my board than I am about riding it. In this day in age, with the surfboard industry being so commercialized, it is great to have a shaper like Mike out there who is producing great, custom boards while maintaining solid relationships with those that ride them."

- Kevin Farrell

"Mike is by far one of the best shapers on the east coast, He has made around 30 boards for me and they have all been amazing. I Have done Artwork for a bunch of different shapers, so I can say I've been around the industry for a while now, the difference with Mike is that He gets stoked about making that board for you & he really wants it to work. Every time I get my standard shortboard done I always think I hope it's like my last one, It's always better. I think it's because your not just a number your a surfer and he wants you to have a great session every time!"

Thanks for all the great boards & Being such a good friend!
- Chris Falzone, Whisnant Surfboards Design Guy.

"I started riding Whisnants when I was 14..or 15. I'm 20 now and through the years I've tried several different shapers/companies and even found some stuff I liked, but I also found that I kept coming back to Mike for boards. I think the reason is, that Mike has me so dieled in with my equipment that I have the oppratunity to progress while I surf instead of trying to figure out a new shape the whole time. I already know what my board is going to do and how it's going to do it. There's no second guessing. If there's ever been a problem he's been right there to figure it out and make it work. That's something you don't get from a shop or machine/companie. Whisnant is there for you, to make sure you surf harder and better every time you step in the water."

- Austin Allen

"When it came time for me to get a new board, it didn't take long for me to realize that a custom board would be the only option. Not only would I be able to design my board (for the most part) but I would also be able to support local talent. A lot of people don't realize that Mike makes some of the best longboards out there. Mike himself likes to pretend that he doesn't like to shape them. I have never been happier with a board then the one he made for me. If and when it comes time for a new board, I know exactly who to contact. Maybe I'll let him shape a shorboard for me, maybe he won't complain as much. Only kidding. (kinda)"

- Dave "knasty" Kanaszka

"I've been out in San Diego for a couple years now doing the webcasts for the ASP North America 4 star events, Pro Juniors, and others. I always score more credibility when I have a fresh Whisnant to throw in the staff board racks along side the quivers of the event director, commentators, and judges. It's nice to have a board that you have more confidence in than a Merrick, ...Lost, or Chile that has the added benefit of representing where you're from. Most of all though, looking down at a Whisnant Logo on my board reminds me of 12 + hr. summer surf days as a teenager. ..As a current Southern California resident I'm much less picky about the conditions when I'm holding a Whisnant."

- David Montgomery

"I have been surfing now for 16 years and have yet to experience anyone in the industry with more dedication to their customers or to the sport of surfing. In my career as a surfer, competitively and otherwise, Mike Whisnant has provided me with the best products available, not only is he a price leader, he shapes with his mind and soul providing the best handshaped surfboards not only in Northern Florida but on the entire East Coast, and elsewhere. He has been my exclusive shaper for 7 years now and I have yet to find a better surfboard and a better shaper to deal with. Perhaps Mike's best quality is his hands on approach, he encourages his customers to give their input on his shaping process, allowing us as surfers to give our honest input on his shapes in order to constantly improve on what is already a great product.

I am currently living in the northeast and anyone I have allowed to ride my boards has agreed that they really are something special. Mike Whisnant is not only one of my good friends but he will be my shaper for the remainder of my years as a surfer, and I am proud to support him in any way that I can. He is a true artist and surfer, and strives to produce the best surfboards using the best products available at the most reasonable price. Heres to you Mike thanks for everything and keep up the good work"

- Mike Fox

"Mike has shaped me 2 boards in the last year and they've been great. He took so much time to talk to me before shaping to find out EXACTLY what I wanted. He took tons of time to educate me on board specs and built me the boards that would work for me on the type of waves that I usually surf. I've really enjoyed the boards. They're really responsive and fast. I took both to Indo in Sept. and they worked great. It's nice to have a guy that will take all the time you want to make sure he's shaping what's best for you. He'll have more of my business for sure."

- Hammond Smith

"I've known Mike since he was kid doing hot coats for Strickland Surfboards. I remember when he first started shaping. I told him to give me a call when he had shaped 100 boards (Like most of ya'll - I use to surf really hot back then). Now I feel privileged that he will put up with all my "new" design ideas and still shape me boards (I think his wife makes him). His years of experience, work ethic, and consistent quality have made Mike one of the few long time survivors in the surfboard business. I've tried to be a bad influence on Mike and called him to go surfing on some mediocre waves (on my way to Hanna) when I knew it was one of his designated shaping or glassing days. He resists about 95% of the time. After college, I managed a surf shop. Before that I got team deals from Hixon's, and since have been a long time supporter of the good people at Sunrise Surf Shop. Needless to say, I've had many custom boards (I'm down to four - for now). Through all of this, I can honestly say, the quality of Whisnant surfboards is second to none. If you can think it, Mike can shape it. He is the perfect blend of technician and craftsman. 38 years in the surf!"

- Michael Fogg

"I like Mikes surfboards, they are cool and stuff. I look good at the beach with one under my arm, and the chicks love them. One time, when I was going to the beach with my Whisnant surfboard, a guy saw it and said "What the heck is a Whyznaut?' I said, "Its WHISNANT......oh never mind" and just kept walking, what a kook...."

- Gibbes Doughty

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