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Custom Order Pick-Up List

Batch of 8/1 – 8/13
Wyatt Dyal
Conrad Juenger
Eden Lange
Benji Lange
Conner Cornell
Mark McCrary
Andy Decker
Ryan Rogers
Dan Negrete
Ella Dimain
Cannon Gould
Justin Williams
Russ Rhodes

Batch of 8/15
Aqua East stocks
Aqua East stocks
Aqua East stocks
Aqua East stocks
Aqua East stocks
Aqua East stocks

Batch of 8/29
Rob Hernan
Sophie Falzone
Mikey Sasser
John Franklin
Christian Gyland

Batch of 9/5
David Katz
Nels Gyland
John Massey
Fred Nicol
Tucker Norton
Kris Whitton

Batch of 9/12
Christian Gyland
PJ Saterwhite
Dave Main
Sam Palmitier
Aqua East stocks
Aqua East stocks

Batch of 9/19
Aqua East stocks
Aqua East stocks
Aqua East stocks

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Whisnant Fish Boards

Pointy Nose Fish:
Designed for performance surfing in small conditions. More volume,
less rocker.

Round Nose Fish:
Fuller shape designed for down the line glide over flat sections. Lots of volume, flat rocker.

Retro Fish:
Designed to take you back a few eras! Great in all conditions. Traditional 70's twin-fin

Features and Benefits:

Boards are designed and built to the highest standards only the best materials are used. Quality not quanity.

  • Personalized Board Specs
  • Custom Paint & Artwork
  • Silmar Polyesther Resin
  • JPS Warp Glass
  • FCS Fusion Fins
  • Glass-on Fins
  • Blanks From:
  • Teccel
  • USBlanks
  • Eskimo

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performance surfing.